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Mulan Set To Make Less Than Half Of Lion King At China Box Office

Despite this, the movie has reportedly done well on the service, making over $33 million in its first weekend, which is more than it seems, given Disney doesn’t have to share takings with theaters like it does during a traditional cinema release. With a budget of over $200 million though, Disney was also banking on Mulan’s theatrical release in China to make up some of the shortfall. However, the movie hasn’t connected with Chinese audiences the way Disney would have liked, debuting to a disappointing $23 million last weekend.


Now, a report from The Wrap reveals that it had a similarly disappointing second weekend take in China and is on track to take in only $45 to $50 million during its entire run in theaters there.

That’s less than half what the 2019 Lion King remake made in China, with that blockbuster raking in $120 million during its entire run. It’s also less than the $53 million Aladdin made in China, despite that movie having a seemingly smaller appeal for Chinese audiences than Mulan.

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