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Ghostbusters Star Promises Afterlife’s Story Ties Into First Two Movies

Had this year gone to plan, Afterlife would have already been released. However, the coronavirus pandemic delayed it to March 2021. As a result, fans are left waiting even longer than expected before they get the Ghostbusters sequel.

Luckily, however, another trailer might be on the way in the coming months to help hype up its new release date, so fans will finally get some new hints about where Afterlife will take the beloved franchise. It’ll all tie together next spring.


Hudson, who will once again play Winston Zeddemore in Afterlife, recently spoke with Yes Have Some about the highly-anticipated film. While he couldn’t share any specifics, he did promise Afterlife is the movie Ghostbusters fans have wanted to see for a very long time.

“It wasn’t until I got the script and read the script that I thought, ‘Not only is it happening, but this is really good’,” Hudson revealed. “It’s really in line with what the fans have been hoping for, and it really ties into the first two movies.” He also shared that while he did enjoy the 2016 Ghostbusters, “it was kind of a different take on it.” Hudson was very excited when he got the script for Afterlife, which certainly bodes well for the film.

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