J.J. Abrams Reportedly Working on Many DC Shows With Constantine, Zatanna

Nothing has been reported about Abrams being involved in anything relating to DC Comics up until this point, so there are still plenty of unknowns regarding this possible expansion into Justice League Dark. Considering this came right alongside the news of the Peacemaker solo series, it seems that these series will be in that same universe, which also means it could potentially tie into the DCEU via The Suicide Squad.


In a new release from The Hollywood Reporter, producer JJ Abrams is reportedly working on supernatural shows featuring Constantine and Zatanna, among others, in the Justice League Dark territory of the DC universe. There are no other confirmed details, such as if these series would exist within the DCEU or its planned multiverse.

No matter how confusing or convoluted the continuity is between DC films, TV shows, and the multiverses surrounding them, there is no shortage of planning from the company’s higher-ups. Abrams has made a name for himself among multiple fandoms, including both Star Trek and Star Wars, and he should have plenty of insight for how this potential new Justice League Dark universe could expand into something quite impressive.

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