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Sebastian Stan Stuntman Reveals Bucky Actor Did His Own Stunts for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

While this isn’t the first instance of an MCU performer doing all of his own stunts, it certainly makes things much easier for the crew to shoot and edit, and it makes the fan experience that much more enjoyable as well. Marvel actors are known for putting in countless hours to get the right physique and look to play the classic characters from the comics, but doing their own stuntwork is an entirely different endeavor, and one not taken on by everybody.


In a new episode of the Screen Forum Podcast via iHeartRadio, Sebastian Stan’s stuntman, John Nania, has revealed that Stan is performing many of his own stunts during shooting for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. When diving into the experience he’s had working with the Bucky Barnes actor, Nania gave these quotes praising the series co-star’s work ethic:

It has been an awesome experience on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, there’s gonna be quite a few moments where it’s more a lot of [Stan] that you’re looking at doing certain action parts, because he stepped up, and he put the training in, and he did it, and it looked awesome…

Stan has put in so much work to embody the image of the Winter Soldier, especially since his villainous turn and redemption in the last two films of the Captain America trilogy. While nothing has been reported previously about Stan doing his own stuntwork for past MCU projects, it’s not surprising in the slightest and will assuredly make all of his action in this new mini-series feel that much more impressive. Thanks to set videos and reports from the shoot, some of the best action sequences in a long time are expected to come in this mini-series, which have fans giddy for its release

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