The Boys’ Aya Cash Defends Show’s Weekly Release Schedule

Whether The Boys will keep this schedule for season 3 remains to be seen, though season 2 has been a definite success. The Boys’ audience has nearly doubled from its first season to its second, showing that regardless of when the episodes are arriving, audiences are definitely interested in the series and what it has to say.

The most recent episode really showed Stormfront’s true colors, and with only two episodes to go, it’s probably only going to get more wild from here. It’s a good thing that everyone will have time to digest and discuss before the finale rolls around in two weeks.


In an interview with, Cash spoke about why the weekly schedule is especially important for this season of The Boys. It actually comes down to Cash’s own character, Stormfront, and the theme of white supremacy. The Boys hasn’t shied away from the dangerous rise in this, and, as Cash explained, it isn’t something people should think about quickly. Cash said this:

With those first three episodes coming out and the cliffhanger everyone’s going, ‘What?!’ and having to sit with it for a week, but that’s also a good thing because we should be thinking about these things quicker than the passing moment. I think what this season is trying to deal with, in terms of white supremacy, is not a conversation you should think about for a weekend after you binge, it’s something you should be continuing to have. Obviously The Boys is not the only conversation about this happening right now, but it’s helpful to have time to have that discussion.

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