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Billy Crudup in talks to return as ‘Henry Allen’ for ‘The Flash’!

Billy Crudup has had an uncertain history with his involvement in The Flash. Though the actor had been confirmed to appear in the film all the way back in 2016, a report in 2017 claimed that Crudup had exited The Flash. That report was later debunked, however, and according to Crudup’s team, the actor was still in fact attached to portray Henry Allen in The Flash.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, actor Billy Crudup is reportedly in talks to join The Flash. Crudup previously played Barry Allen’s father, Henry Allen, in 2017’s Justice League.

Billy Crudup appeared in a brief supporting role as Barry Allen’s father in Justice League, with the film itself receiving poor critical reception. Years of creative conflicts on The Flash left the actor’s role in the film up in the air. There was even speculation that the role of Barry’s father might get recast with another actor, but with this re-confirmation, it appears that Billy Crudup is here to stay.

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