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Diana Prince Looks Vibrant on New Magazine Cover for ‘Wonder Woman 1984’!

With a handful of trailers and tv spots having already been released that feature this new costume in action, there isn’t much new material to notice here, but it’s still a great full view of a costume fans are already hyped to see on the big screen. With an intense look on her face, Diana Prince looks ready to take on anything that comes her way in this sequel, which already is set to bring her plenty of new problems.


In a new release from the Colombia-based Rolling Stones Twitter account, a brand new cover for October 2020 was posted featuring Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. Along with a cover featuring the actress out of costume, Gadot is shown in her full new Wonder Woman costume, which will make its arrival in Wonder Woman 1984, complete with her golden armor and shining lasso.
The full tweet can be seen below:

Pedro Pascal’s Max Lord and Kristen Wiig’s Barbara Minerva will both clearly be major forces standing in Diana’s way for Wonder Woman 1984, in both a practical manner as well as supernatural. This comes on top of the emotional baggage she will have to work through with Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor seemingly coming back from the dead, all included in an adventure that has a chance to top an incredible story told in the original Wonder Woman.

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