The Walking Dead’s Anthology Show Will Feature TWD Characters

While a number of the actors have left the show, it would be easier to get them to return for a one-off episode than having to commit to an entire season of TV. The possibilities are, hopefully, endless and it’s one of the reasons that TWD fans have hope that Tales of The Walking Dead will be a more interesting spin-off than those which have come before. Perhaps the show will help revitalize the reputation of TWD before the Grimes movies hit the big screen.


Speaking at today’s New York Comic-Con panel on all things The Walking Dead, Gimple revealed that Tales of The Walking Dead will indeed feature classic characters from the original series. Gimple teases brand new characters and situations too, but says there will be space to explore more of the backstories of characters who are more familiar to fans of the franchise. He also teases that it might delve into the future of certain characters too, meaning that characters who survive the series finale in 2022 might not be done yet. You can read his full comments below:

“It’s to see more of these characters and more of the things that made them who they are, and then as they move into the future. We’re going to see brand new characters and brand new situations, but we really want to keep up with all these amazing characters that the audience still loves so much. It might be their past, it might be their future.”

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