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Tom Hardy Rumored to Be in Consideration for Venom Role in Untitled Spider-Man 3 Film!

From Kraven the Hunter whispers, to Jamie Foxx’s Electro joining the cast, to this Venom rumor, Spider-Man 3 is looking absolutely stacked.


According to Daniel Richtman’s Patreon, there is a “general interest” from the studios for Tom Hardy’s Venom to show up in Spider-Man 3. It is unclear if the interest if from Sony, Marvel, or both. Richtman says there have been no real talks yet, and Hardy’s involvement would presumably be for just a cameo role.
Could we finally be getting closer to merging the ‘Sony-Verse’ with the MCU

Plot details are still thin, but based on Spider-Man: Far From Home’s post credits scene, fans do know that Peter Parker will be ‘on the run’ in some form. Mix in a potential ruthless Russian hunter and a confirmed electrical adversary to boot, and our web-slinger has his toughest test yet. Possibly bringing in Tom Hardy’s Venom to this already stacked rogues gallery would not just turn Spidey’s world upside down, but would be a game-changer for comic book movie universes going forward.

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