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Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam Will Introduce DC Supervillain Eclipso

The Rock's Black Adam will Reportedly Feature an Obscure Villian From Comics Called ?

Some fans may be unaware of Eclipso, being quite a relatively obscure character to the typical viewer. The character is somewhat of a sorcerer, possessing a vast array of magical powers. Eclipso is a frequent adversary of the Justice Society of America, with the mantle being held by different characters at various points.


The Direct has exclusively learned that the DC supervillain Eclipso will make his DCEU debut in Black Adam. Sources indicate that the character will be used to help imprison Black Adam in the film.

This leads to a few possibilities for how he will be incorporated in the film. In the original teaser, Black Adam mentions that he is imprisoned for his crimes, which is paired with imagery of the wizard Shazam electrifying the villain. The direct usage of the term “imprison” could suggest that this is the point that Eclipso is introduced, retooling the character to exist in the BC time period to aid Shazam.

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