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Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam: Sarah Shahi Joins Cast as Kahndaq Professor

While Shahi’s character doesn’t have a name yet for fans to connect to a character from the Black Adam comics, she seems to be in line for a substantial role in this exciting new movie. The most likely theory right now is that her character will end up being Adrianna Tomaz, who eventually turns into Isis, a love interest for Black Adam and an incredibly powerful character in her own right.


A new report Deadline announced that Sarah Shahi has officially joined the cast of Black Adam alongside Dwayne Johnson, which was first reported by The Illuminerdi. Shahi will reportedly play a university professor and freedom fighter leading the resistance in Kahndaq, Black Adam’s birthplace.

The confirmation that she is based out of Kahndaq should be a good indication that she will end up playing Tomaz, which would help fill out Black Adam’s backstory and history quite effectively. It’s still almost a complete mystery as to how exactly this movie will fit into the DCEU, considering Black Adam’s history fighting against fellow DCEU hero Shazam!, but it should be just as massive of a film with a star as big as Dwayne Johnson taking on the role of the titular character.

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