Rumor:Warner.Bros Reportedly Developing a DCEU Project Based on ‘Vixen’ Character!

This could mean that the Vixen project could eventually connect to other properties like Wonder Woman 1984 or Black Adam, considering that Mari McCabe, Vixen, has her powers due to an artifact, the Tantu Totem, being passed down in her family for centuries. It would be fun to see Tantu asking the god Anansi to create the totem in Black Adam in ancient Africa.


According to GWW, which was told by multiple independent sources, Warner Bros. plans to develop a Vixen project. GWW’s headline of their report indicates that this project will be set in the DC Extended Universe.

As GWW speculates, this could very easily be a property for HBO Max, which wouldn’t be surprising considering the amount of DC content Warner Bros. has planned for the service. More interestingly, GWW points out that Vixen would be joining the DCEU and not that it would be its own pocket universe like Matt Reeve’s The Batman.

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