Marvel Casts ‘Pivotal’ Character To Be Played By Danny Ramirez in ‘The Falcon and the Wintersoldier’ Series.

Danny Ramirez becomes yet another up-and-coming young star that will fill some kind of important role in one of the MCU’s most anticipated new projects for Phase 4. He already has an impressive resume, including credits in Netflix’s On My Block and Fox’s Marvel-based network TV show The Gifted; he will also be a part of the highly anticipated sequel Top Gun: Maverick.

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Danny Ramirez will be taking on a “pivotal role” in Disney+’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier for Marvel Studios. His role in the mini-series is undisclosed at this time.

While Ramirez’s role is still under wraps, there is a belief that it will be a pivotal one through the course of this new mini-series. It remains a question why Ramirez’s casting hasn’t been reported until now, as the series is in its final days of filming in Europe. There could be many reasons for Ramirez’s late casting as an important character – it’s likely that he’s already filmed all of his points for the show – but this most likely suggests that he will have limited screentime in the series despite him playing a “pivotal” character.

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