Rumor: Ma Hunkel Is Rumored to appear in DC’s ‘Black Adam’ Movie!

Ma Hunkel was DC Comics’ first Red Tornado before the mantle was retooled for a separate cybernetic android character. The character was unique, though, in that Ma Hunkel would cross-dress as a man when taking on the superhero identity. As mentioned in The Illuminerdi article, it seems that this aspect of the character will be entirely retooled to make the character transgender. This inclusion should help to normalize greater diversity for LGBTQ+ characters in DC films and the film industry in general.

According to The Illuminerdi, the Golden Age DC superhero Ma Hunkel is rumored to appear in Black Adam.The character is reportedly play a supporting role in Black Adam and is described as “the caretaker of Hawkman and his museum” in her character breakdown. Ma Hunkel will also be reinterpreted as a transgender character for the film.

Ma Hunkel has connections to the Justice Society of America, being the grandmother of JSA member Cyclone. Although the role has not yet been cast, Maxine Hunkel’s Cyclone will reportedly be featured in the film. This points to Ma Hunkel’s role possibly being slightly larger than just a caretaker role and could add more credence to her inclusion in the film.

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