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Mad Max Fury Road Director Denies Rumors That The Film Had No Script

McCarthy’s existence itself disproves the no-script theory, unless his and Lathouris’ credits as co-writers of the script refer to ideas only. Notably, McCarthy didn’t return to collaborate with Miller and Lathouris on the script for Furiosa, an upcoming Fury Road spinoff following Anya Taylor-Joy as a young version of Charlize Theron’s Imperator Furiosa character.

Whether McCarthy’s tweets constitute a Twitter beef or not, it’s possible that creative tension between the writers of Mad Max: Fury Road affected who contributed to the Furiosa script. Unless, of course, there is no script.

Miller has shut down the rumors once and for all, assuring IndieWire that the big-budget, Oscar-winning action movie indeed required a script to produce. The director surmised in an email that a picture of storyboards for Fury Road circulating on social media may have confused fans unfamiliar with the screenwriting process:

I’m not sure how the notion that Fury Road had no script came about. I suppose it’s because of the room lined with storyboards. Of course there was a script! How else could we have presented the project to a studio, cast and crew to elicit their interest?

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