Chris Hemsworth Teases Different Version of ‘Thor’ in ‘Thor:Love and Thunder’

Thor has gone through more character development than nearly any major player in the MCU, mostly due to dealing with so many different tragedies over his fifteen years in the franchise’s timeline. After the death of both of his parents, his adoptive brother, and half of the Asgardians and Avengers at the beginning and end of Avengers: Infinity War, he finally hit rock bottom during Avengers: Endgame before saving the universe and making progress toward being his old self again.

Thor: Love and Thunder star Chris Hemsworth recently sat down with the Swisse Vitamins & Supply Company, via Twitter, to tease some of what’s coming in his fourth MCU solo outing. The actor behind the God of Thunder confirmed that shooting for the film is set to begin in January 2021 and that writer/director Taika Waititi is “writing the script currently.”
Hemsworth also gave this quote to give fans just a taste of “something different” to expect as he prepares to bring the thunder and lightning in his ninth MCU outing (including his Doctor Strange post-credits cameo):

“[I’m] very excited to try to do something different, you know, the last three films we certainly, I think, pushed the envelope and created different versions of the character, and now people expect some dramatic changes. So we’ve got our work cut out in that sense.”

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