The Batman To Use Star Wars: The Mandalorian’s Virtual Film Technology!

This method of making movies (and television) seems to be catching on as of late. Marvel Studios’ forthcoming Thor: Love and Thunder is also confirmed to be making use of “The Volume”

Via The Hollywood Reporter, Industrial Light & Magic chief creative officer Rob Bredow announced that The Batman is now set to use several of these virtual production methods popularized by The Mandalorian for “select scenes.” 

Bredow shared that The Batman’s production design team have built practical sets in the UK and are constructing LED walls around them to allow for virtual production.
In addition to making things easier on the cast and crew of these projects, this could also be a good safeguard against the pandemic. If you can create an environment that resembles an outside setting in a more controlled, indoor environment, then it just makes practical sense to do so.

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