Marvel Studios Casting Protestors and Reporters For ‘Spider-Man 3’

Even though this new cast listing seems to be a bit confusing with the possibility of two different working titles for one movie, the roles the movie is looking for do make sense for the Spider-Man 3 that Marvel Studios seems to be producing. Peter is still in high school and he would obviously need to be surrounded by kids his own age, and considering the whole world now knows he’s Spider-Man, the other roles would fit in perfectly as they capture him in action and potentially protest the idea of Spider-Man as a hero.

New releases from both Twitter and Facebook have revealed some potential new details surrounding the production of Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures’ untitled Spider-Man 3. Twitter user @Whos_Nick posted that the movie is shooting in Atlanta, GA under the working title “The November Project,” although the original reported working title for the New York shoot has been reported for months as “Serenity Now.”

There is also a distinct possibility that “The November Project” could just be a production codename, as opposed to a working title, that certain casting agencies, including Cattrell & Locke, are using for this upcoming MCU blockbuster. Marvel Studios has been well documented as one of the most notoriously secretive studios in the business thanks to the franchise’s overwhelming success the past twelve years, and it could be simply Marvel and Sony wanting to keep story details as under wraps as they possibly can.

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