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Tom Holland Wraps Filming On Uncharted Movie Today!

Along with Uncharted winding down, Holland shared the very first official image of him in costume as Drake earlier on Thursday, igniting excitement across the internet. There’s been some apprehension among game fans about making Uncharted a prequel, but there’s a chance they can be won over when they actually see the film come to life.

With filming wrapping Today, more official looks will likely emerge in the coming months, culminating in a trailer. Only then will fans truly see whether this Uncharted is a worthy adaptation or not.

Uncharted is set to wrap filming Today, per Holland himself. The actor shared a photo of him and costumer Anthony Drewett on social media and confirmed there’s only a little bit of time left on the project. “Last two days of shooting and it’s all love and smiles,” wrote Holland. Based on the timing of the post, it looks like Uncharted will wrap sometime on Friday. You can see Holland’s post down below.

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