Disney+ Reveals Exactly When ‘The Mandalorian’ S2 Episode 1 Will Release .

It seems that the season two premiere times will be very similar to the schedule that The Mandalorian followed in its first season, with episodes dropping at exactly midnight in PT on Disney+

A user on reddit has uncovered what time exactly The Mandalorian’s second episode will drop on October 30th. Reddit user Correct-Ad-6614 spoke to a Disney+ support representative and asked what time the first episode will be available, to which they responded: “Friday October 30th 8am UTC+1.”

In all the major time zones, the release windows are as follows:
Los Angeles (PT): 12:00 am
New York (ET): 3:00 am
London (GMT): 7:00am
Sydney (GMT+11): 6:00pm

This will mean a late night for many The Mandalorian viewers, particularly as Disney has decided not to send out advanced screeners to media for this season. Along with the episode run time all that is known about the premiere is that it is written and directed by The Mandalorian creator, Jon Favreau, and may be set on Tattooine according to some promo stills that have been released.

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