The Boys’ Queen Maeve Hopes To Reunite With Elena In Season 3

Maeve’s love for Elena makes her a better person, and it would be great to see more of that development in season 3 of The Boys. Elena and Maeve’s relationship is truly one of the best ones on the show so far and has been crucial to Maeve’s character development. Hopefully season 3 will see Elena’s return and with it, some genuine happiness for Queen Maeve.

McElligott spoke to The Wrap about Maeve’s relationship with Elena. She obviously couldn’t confirm any solid plot details for season 3, but sounded hopeful about Elena’s possible return. Check out what the actress had to say below about Maeve and Elena’s “complicated” relationship:

I think the relationship between her and Elena is complicated. I think Maeve has a deep love for Elena and no matter what, she’s going to protect her, whether or not they are together. That part is irrelevant to her, because Maeve considers Elena to be her family. And that world that Maeve has lived in within the Vought corporation as this superhero, she doesn’t have very many people, so Elena to her is very important. I don’t know what Season 3 is going to bring with regards to that. And even if I knew I couldn’t tell you. But hopefully we’ll see Elena again.

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