Pedro Pascal Teases Why Episode 1 of Season 2 Doesn’t Disappoint in ‘The Mandalorian’

It’s quite remarkable that the Child puppet can be operated in such a way that it can actually be made to react to the flesh and blood actors in real-time right there on set. The Child/Baby Yoda captured the imaginations of millions from his first appearance in the closing scenes of the series premiere, and since then, the hype surrounding the character has not let up one bit.

Speaking with Good Morning America, Pedro Pascal shared his thoughts on season two, episode one of The Mandalorian:

“You know, I will say that reading the first episode of the second season, I was taken aback in a really good way at how impressive that the first episode read, and already with the evidence of the first season, knowing that they were able to achieve everything that they set out to, and seeing this incredibly ostentatious first episode with the story of an action sequence and the way that it read on the page and just that feeling that ‘my gosh, they’re going to achieve this visual experience!’

Pascal continued to express his confidence in the ambitious production value of the series:

“Like, this isn’t just ‘let’s just describe it as best as we can and see what we end up achieving with it’ – it is undoubtedly going to be achieved, and I kind of couldn’t believe that, and I understood ‘oh, so this is how they keep it up with the second season; this is how they don’t disappoint.’”

Pascal also hyped up his “co-star” and what Industrial Light and Magic was able to achieve with the puppet of the Child:

“This baby is beautiful, and the details on the Child are incredible. We’re talking about this adorable peach fuzz hair on the tips of its ears. You’d be surprised, he’s an incredible scene partner. Industrial Light and Magic, the effects team that work the puppet in a scene with me, you wouldn’t believe what they’d be able to do. At one point… I’m not sure if it’ll be in the final cut, but I improvised a line at the start of a scene. Basically, ‘don’t get too close to the fire’, and Baby Yoda, like, turned its head and reacted to me, and like, moved away from that, and thatwasn’t even in the writing. So there I am improvising with Baby Yoda!”

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