Dungeons & Dragons Live-Action TV Show In Development From Hasbro

Official media adaptations of Dungeons & Dragons have a notoriously rocky reputation. The 1980s cartoon is probably the most well-liked D&D adaptation; all three films in the live-action trilogy that kicked off in 2000 were extremely poorly received. The counterpoint to that, though, is successful and popular livestream series like Critical Role, in which a group of professional voice actors plays D&D. It seems like seeing the role-playing aspects of D&D on-screen is a key element in retaining viewer interest.

Dungeons & Dragons is getting a live-action television adaptation. ComicBook reports that, during a quarterly earnings call, CEO Brian Goldner said the entertainment division was in the very early stages of development on a new TV series. Goldner said:

[The team is] also working on a couple of different approaches, because there is so much mythology in canon to [adapt] Dungeons & Dragons for live-action television. And there’s been very strong interest. We’ve talked about how many global streamers and terrestrial broadcasters have been very interested in Dungeons & Dragons.

The cartoon did it with the meta-guide Dungeon Master. D&D livestreams do it by showing actual people rolling dice and playing the game together. Perhaps, if the new Dungeons & Dragons TV show can find a clever way of integrating role-playing mechanics, it might have a better shot at success than the live-action films.

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