Carl Weathers Teases Character’s Ulterior Motives in’The Mandalorian’ Season 2

Carl Weathers’ Greef Karga was first introduced during The Mandalorian’s very first episode, acting as an agent of the Bounty Hunter’s Guild. Greef Karga was first portrayed as a villainous character against Mando, but the penultimate episode of the first season changed his side after he was healed by the Force powers of Baby Yoda.

While speaking with Breakfast Television Toronto, Carl Weather teased Greef Karga’s return during The Mandalorian Season 2, hinting that the character’s allegiance “lies with himself.”

“[Greef Karga] is back and having fun doing what he does — being duplicitous. I know where his allegiance lies, it lies with himself.”

During the interview, Weathers also revealed that he directed one of the episodes of the second season, describing it as a “magnificent” experience:

“Directing The Mandalorian is a little different because of so much that uh, you know, our virtual sets, so you’re walking through a world that when you finally see it, it’s all there and it’s magnificent.”

When he was asked if fans will learn more about Greef Karga’s backstory during Season 2, Weathers hinted that “there may be some ulterior motives” within the character’s desires that will be explored further:

“Not really, I personally like the fact that he doesn’t divulge a lot about himself because I think, in some ways, the less you know, the more interested you are in knowing, and Greef plays things pretty close to the vest, so I think that we… in the episode I directed, we hint that there may be some ulterior motives in Greef’s desires and what he’s after you know, his goals and I personally think that’s more than enough.”

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