The Walking Dead Casts Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Real Life Wife As Negan’s Wife

The big news here though is that fans seemingly will finally get to see more of what made Negan the bad guy he eventually became, including the traumatic experience that led to him naming his favorite murder weapon after his wife. Indeed, a Negan origin episode is perfectly in keeping with previously reported plans for season 11, which will feature several scaled-down character-centered bridge episodes produced under COVID restrictions as the show waits for the go-ahead to go back to staging full-on zombie mayhem.

Now TWD has given fans the biggest hint yet that Negan’s backstory will be further explored in the upcoming final season of the show. As reported by, the show has cast Burton to portray Negan’s late wife Lucille, very appropriate casting as Morgan and Burton happen to be married in real life. Reportedly, the husband and wife pair have already been shooting together in Georgia as TWD continues work on season 11 under COVID-related restrictions. Burton will be billed as a “guest star” for her appearance.

It was already revealed that one of these bridge episodes will center on Maggie Rhee, and it makes perfect sense that Negan would also get the focus for one of these installments. It will be fascinating to watch as The Walking Dead finally fills in a little piece of lore that hadn’t yet made it from the comics to the TV show.

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