Titans Season 3 Image Reveals First Look At Starfire

Starfire isn’t the only Titan that fans would like to see more of. While Titans season 2 spotlighted Dick Grayson, both Rachel Roth and Garfield Logan (Ryan Potter) played significantly reduced roles in season 2. Yet Titans seems content on continuously packing in more cast members and has already added characters like Barbara Gordon to its season 3 line-up.

Titans cinematographer Boris Mojsovski recently posted a new photo showing off Starfire’s season 3 look. Starfire appears to don a darker look than in previous seasons, with black clothes, hair, and make-up. You can check out Starfire’s incredible new look below:

While it will be cool to see new beloved comic book characters come to life, showrunners need to slow down and fully flesh out its existing heroes. That being said, hopefully Titans season 3 will be able to do Starfire, Rachel, and the rest of the season 1 cast justice.

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