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Thor: Love & Thunder May Not Bring Back Kat Dennings’ Darcy

Love and Thunder promises to have a lot of exciting things going for it. Chris Hemsworth will once again play the titular God of Thunder, and it reportedly won’t even be his final Marvel film. Additionally, Tessa Thompson and Waititi will reprise their Ragnarok roles.

While talking to ET about WandaVision (which, unsurprisingly, she couldn’t say much about), Dennings touched upon a potential appearance in Love and Thunder. When asked if there had been any updates since she last discussed the film, Dennings said with a laugh, “No, still no idea!” She then went on to share she doesn’t think Darcy will have a part in Love and Thunder. Dennings said, “I don’t think I’m in it. I feel like I would have heard by now. So literally my answer is I have no idea, I have even less an idea than I had before.”

It’s a shame Darcy won’t get to interact with this next generation of Thor characters, but at least fans will see her once more in WandaVision when it premieres later this year. Plus, who knows what the future holds? Anything can happen in the MCU.

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