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Ron Howard Opens Up About Harrison Ford’s Support of ‘Solo’ Movie

It’s really nice to see Harrison Ford, who can be seen as a bit of a curmudgeon when it comes to Star Wars, find genuine enjoyment in something tied to the franchise. What’s more, he offered Alden Ehrenreich a “Great job kid,” which is a very Han Solo thing to say.

Speaking to the podcast Lights, Camera, Barstool (via Star Wars News Net), Solo director Ron Howard shared some details on Harrison Ford’s praise of the film:

“Harrison Ford liked Solo and very much and was supportive when he saw it. He was so gracious and complimentary to Alden.”

Howard also mentioned how Ford supported Ehrenreich’s portrayal of the famous space-opera heroine:

“He said some things publicly, but privately, it was really great to see him put his hand on Alden’s shoulder and say “great job kid,” and Alden worked so hard and it was a very high-risk situation for him and he was a cool customer and was really a pleasure to work with, as was that entire cast, they are just a great bunch.”

Fans have been campaigning for a Solo sequel for some time. The movie failed to light the box office on fire, but there are still many elements of the movie worth following up. Notably, this includes Alden’s take on Han and Donald Glover’s standout performance as Lando Calrissian. The two characters had a very fun dynamic, and it would be great to see more of it.

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