The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan Says Glenn’s Death Was The Hardest Scene To Film

Besides putting an end to fans’ seven-month-long anticipation between season 6 and 7, Glenn’s death on The Walking Dead also served as one of its most gruesome moments. Some fans even cite the death as overkill and unnecessary as the event had rendered them uncomfortable for the remaining season 7.

Recently, during a conversation with Fox TV UK, Cohan recounted her experience filming Glenn’s death scene on The Walking Dead. As per Cohan, the scene was the most strenuous—emotionally and physically—for her to film

“As difficult as it is to pick any scene as the hardest or the most emotional for Maggie, or for Lauren on The Walking Dead, I would say it would be when Glenn was killed by Negan. On every level, on a physical and just a completely shackled, impossible circumstance, it was the hardest thing I think I’ve ever done as an actor.”

Cohan’s Maggie has seen bad days, but none were as horrible as compared to the one when her husband was killed mercilessly while she was still pregnant. While it cannot be argued that Glenn’s death must’ve indeed been the most difficult thing Cohan had to shoot for as an actor, it cannot also be denied that it was the most pivotal moment in her career that changed audiences perception of Maggie for years to come. Cohan is an amazing performer, and hopefully, her return to the show in season 10 will up its drama quotient.

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