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Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam: Aldis Hodge Reveals His Personal Mission in Relation To Hawkman Role

Aldis Hodge has had plenty of hype surrounding his arrival into the DCEU, and it seems completely appropriate considering how seamlessly he is fitting into the role of Hawkman. With the hero’s alter ego being a professor and Hodge having education as such as an important part of his own life, the actor is clearly making it a point to bring the intellect and brainpower to this new role, even apart from all the superhero action.

In a new interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Black Adam star Aldis Hodge opened up about some of the preparations he’s taking before he suits up as Hawkman for the first time. After posting a photo on his Instagram account of some Hawkman-related comics that he was reading in late October, Hodge expanded on some of the traits that have caught his eye for Carter Hall with this quote:

As a fan, a comic book fan and a superhero fan, I love Hawkman’s nature. He’s an absolute warrior. He is a savage, and a savage for the best reason. He’s well-intentioned. But the thing that I love about him so much and that I connect to personally is his understanding and love of trying to get history right. It comes down to the cerebral part of it.

Hodge also went into depth about how excited he is to get into that cerebral aspect of the character, especially since it brings him back to an earlier time in his own life:

And for me growing up, as a kid, I couldn’t stand history. I hated history class because I knew it wasn’t right. What we would learn in the textbooks, what I learned or what I was taught about my culture, I knew it was not right because I was doing the extra research at home. My mom was an educator. She educated all my siblings. So the thing that I love about him most is that he’s on a mission to figure out what his purpose is, but a part of that purpose is in correcting that history, getting it right and making sure people understand and are educated in that way. And that’s sort of a personal mission of mine. So I love the fact that this is Hawkman. It is Carter Hall or Katar Hol. And his original state, the first version of him, is Prince Khufu. He’s Egyptian. He’s African. I love that I get to play somebody who has lineage to the motherland. It’s fantastic.

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