Marvel’s WandaVision Release Date Seemingly Delayed on Disney+ Latin America To 2021.

If any fan feels the urge to panic, they shouldn’t do so just yet. As mentioned above, this January premiere date for WandaVision might just be for Latin American territories and have no bearing on when Disney+ releases the show in the United States or other countries.

According to a screenshot of a chat session with Disney+ customer support (via Twitter user @cinemAddikt) in Latin America, WandaVision has been delayed to January. However, it’s important to note that this delay could be regional, and the upcoming Marvel series could still hit the streaming service by its heavily-rumored December release date.

Yes, they are looking to promote the Disney classics, but of course there will be much more content, as previously mentioned, like The Simpsons, we’ll have the Marvel movies and series; WandaVision premieres in January. National Geographic documentaries, etc.

Still, it is indeed unfortunate for fans in Latin America because, at this point, everyone has waited long enough for new MCU content.
Adding to the assumption that the show is just delayed for certain countries is that the release of The Mandalorian Season two, another popular Disney+ series, was reportedly delayed in Spain and other parts of the globe.

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