The Mandalorian Season 2: New Promotional Image Features Star Wars Rebels Cruiser

The last time fans saw Gideon was on Nevarro, after being defeated by Mando. There’s a strong chance that future episodes of Season 2 could provide a flashback on how Gideon was transported off the planet, and this command cruiser could eventually be featured in that sequence.

Reddit user Feywatch uncovered a new release from Topps which featured a brand new The Mandalorian Season 2 trading card. The new design showcased an “an Arquitens-class command cruiser” which is a ship that was originally created for the Star Wars: Rebels animated series. was also revealed that the trading card is from a new set from Topps called The Mandalorian Static Series 2.

The presence of an Arquitens-class command cruiser in The Mandalorian Season 2 isn’t a surprising addition in the show’s lore, especially after revealing that there are still remants of the Empire that are lurking in the shadows. In a way, this could potentially hint that this specific ship could very well be Moff Gideon’s base of operations.

In conjunction with that, previous reports also suggest that Bo-Katan, the previous wielder of the Darksaber, will be joining The Mandalorian Season 2. By connecting the dots, it’s possible that Bo-Katan is currently being held captive in the command cruiser, which could explain how Gideon was able to obtain the Darksaber.

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