Disney+ Confirms 2021 Release For ‘The Mandalorian’ Third Installment!

Obviously, delays could still occur. However, given that one would assume the third season of Mandalorian would drop in Fall 2021, it’s a pretty safe bet that it will arrive on schedule. After all, given recent potential breakthroughs regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, the world could look a little more normal by late ’21.

A video posted by the Slovak Disney+ YouTube channel quickly runs through the shows and movies which are expected to be available on the platform in 2021. Among those listed releases are The Mandalorian Seasons one, two, and three.
Further helping matters is the fact that The Mandalorian famously utilizes a technology called “The Volume,” essentially enabling them to create realistic backgrounds and sets digitally and project them onto video walls. This makes filming matters much easier in this current time of social distancing.

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