Resident Evil Reboot Set Photo Confirms RE2 Game Connection

The emergence of a new set photo means that things are pretty much on track for the Resident Evil reboot and we might learn more details about the upcoming movie soon. Over the years the Resident Evil films have been subject to sharp criticism for their blatant dismissal of the source material’s premise. But, as it now appears, the new movie is not aiming to be a hyperkinetic action piece like the previous ones.

On Thursday, Resident Evil enthusiast Biohazard Declassified tweeted a picture from the set of the movie reboot. The image shows a diner called Emmy’s in Sudbury, Ontario, where the film is being shot. Emmy’s is the diner that Claire was inside during her opening cutscene in the 1998 video game Resident Evil 2. The Resident Evil reboot movie has apparently remodeled a Canadian cafe called Gus’s Restaurant into the diner from the game, in its efforts to pay homage to the source material. Take a look at the set photos below.

Rather, it is, very carefully, adopting the nuances, characters, props, and locations from the video games as to make its narrative scary and tense, just the way the franchise admirers want it. The new movie is shaping up to be a love letter to longtime Resident Evil fans, a dream come true that will help them get over their disdain for the earlier films.

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