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Star Wars: Rogue One Actor Denies Involvement In Cassian Andor Spinoff Show

There we have it, folks. No General Draven in Cassian Andor, at least for the moment.
Given the relationship that Draven and Cassian seemed to have in Rogue One, it seems highly likely that the general could make an appearance on the show at some point. To that end, the question would be, when? While it’s largely assumed that Andor will span multiple seasons, there hasn’t really been any official word on the duration of the series’ run. Should the show be limited to one season, Draven probably won’t appear at all.

In an interview with The Geeknd, actor Alistair Petrie debunked the rumor that his character General Draven will appear in the Cassian Andor series on Disney+:

“No… of course, it’s possible, because of the role I played in [Rogue One]. I’m respecting the filmmakers, I’m not trying to be clever in terms of ‘I’d love to say something but I can’t, I’ve signed an NDA’… it’s nothing to do with any of that.”

The actor went on to say that he would love to reprise the role:

“If the storytelling allows me to appear in it, then I would in a heartbeat. I love the personnel and the possibility of the stories they could tell around Diego’s character.”

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