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Chris Pratt Set to Return as ‘Star-Lord’ For ‘Thor:Love and Thunder’.

This news shouldn’t be surprising for those keeping tabs with Thor: Love and Thunder, since it aligns with the earlier tease that the Guardians of the Galaxy would make an appearance in the film. In MCU canon, it also makes narrative sense for Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord to appear in Love and Thunder, as Thor was last seen with the team at the tail-end of Avengers: Endgame.

The Hollywood Reporter shared in a report that Chris Pratt is set to reprise his role as Peter Quill to join Taika Waititi’s Thor: Love and Thunder.

With the film due to shoot in Australia in January, the outlet revealed that Pratt will do “a short round of additional photography” for The Tomorrow War before heading to Love and Thunder’s filming location.

Pratt’s involvement would certainly lead to entertaining character beats between him and Hemsworth’s Thor, especially after their continued bickering during the last two Avengers films on who should be leading the Guardians. Given that Taika Waititi will serve as the film’s director, it’s safe to say that the comedic vibe will dial up even further.

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