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Zack Snyder Announces Updated Trailer For ‘Justice Leauge:Snyder Cut’ to Release Next Week .

The trailer to Snyder’s cut of Justice League was everything fans hoped it would be, teasing all the restored footage, new shots, and long-awaited characters that the four hour film consists of, so it’s nice to hear that fans will only have to wait a few more days before its back up and running.

In an interview with Grace Randolph for the Beyond the Trailer YouTube channel, DCEU director Zack Snyder discussed the status of his upcoming Justice League director’s cut, as well as the film’s missing trailer.

When talking about the production team’s upcoming plans for the film, Snyder confirmed that the rights issues had been worked out, and that he is planning on putting the original trailer, with “a few teaks,” for his cut of Justice League back online at 9am PST on Tuesday, November 17. The director also revealed that on the same day, he will be hosting a Vero live stream, in which he will go through the trailer shot-by-shot, and give fans an inside look at his creative process.

Even more exciting, however, is news of Snyder’s Vero live stream, where he plans on examining and explaining the shots in the trailer. Though the trailer barely included any dialogue, one of Zack Snyder’s strongest features as a director is his attention to a film’s look, as he imbues every shot in his DC films with a highly recognizable visual style and fun comic book references.

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