Darkwing Duck Reboot Series In Development At Disney+

Relaunching Darkwing Duck makes perfect sense. Like DuckTales, the series remains beloved to ’90s kids, and the characters have been carefully re-introduced to a new generation on the DuckTales reboot. Beyond that, Disney+ has a never-ending need for new content to satisfy kids (and their parents) who’ve already binge-watched everything else on the service.

Per Variety, a new edition of Darkwing Duck is already in the early stages of development, and the studio is considering it as a series for its content-hungry and wildly successful streaming service, Disney+. Although creator Tad Stones is apparently not attached, the studio has not named a writer, but the show is in good comedic hands, with Seth Rogen and partner Evan Goldberg (The Boys, Sausage Party) already signed on as executive producers. The duo’s Point Grey Pictures is behind the project.

The new DuckTales has been a hit with fans, and if another reboot will be anywhere near that show’s high level of quality, then a revamped Darkwing Duck could be yet another home run for the iconic animation studio.

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