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Joker Was A Betrayal of the Mentally Ill, Says David Fincher

David Fincher isn’t one to mince words, and his opinion isn’t that uncommon. Joker fared well with fans and critics, but it didn’t do the mentally ill any favors, despite appearing like it sort of wanted to. That said, like anyone who’s railed against the studio system, Fincher offers his respect to the team that stuck with Joker to make it a billion-dollar powerhouse.

In a recent publicity interview with The Telegraph, director David Fincher shared his thoughts on Joker as a whole, noting it was a risk that paid off and that, as the director of the almost career-ending Fight Club, he respects the effort Phillips made to see Joker through. He also mentioned, however, his gripes with its writing. Read his quote below:

“I don’t think ­anyone would have looked at that material and thought, Yeah, let’s take [‘Taxi Driver’s’] Travis Bickle and [‘The King of Comedy’s’] Rupert Pupkin, and conflate them, then trap him in a betrayal of the mentally ill, and trot it out for a billion dollars.”

Fincher himself has seen an exciting resurgence after abandoning the studio system, just recently signing a four year deal with Netflix after the early positive buzz for Mank. Maybe he’ll get to work on a better character study of a mentally ill victim of circumstance, perhaps also based on a traditionally manic and hyperbolic comic book character.

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