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Jude Law Reacts To Johnny Depp’s Fantastic Beasts 3 Firing

Some fans may feel a slight sting that Depp’s Fantastic Beasts 3 co-star failed to speak up and insist that he be permitted to stay with the franchise. But the truth of the matter is that Depp is gone, and Warner Bros. saw fit for that to be how things worked out. Law speaking out on the matter would have only served to entangle him in a messy issue that no celebrity wants connected to their own public profile.

While speaking to ET about Depp’s removal from the upcoming film, Law made no effort to hide that he was hired to do a job and that all specifics relating to that job were up to the studio. In other words, he’s neither for nor against the firing:

“It’s an enormous film, and there are many, many layers to it. It’s probably one of the biggest productions I’ve ever worked on. And in a situation like this, you defer to the studio. That’s all you can do. Because you have to turn up and play your part.”

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