Arrowverse Producer Developing Latina-Led Wonder Girl Show For The CW

Although this iteration of Wonder Girl is a relatively unknown character in DC history, she should be an exciting new addition to the heroes that have held the Arrowverse on their backs for the last eight years and counting. Yara Flor, who was born of an Amazon Warrior and a Brazilian River God, will be the woman behind the mask. In a recent comic storyline, she was actually designated as a new, younger version of Wonder Woman. This could be either a substitute for Diana Prince on TV or a character to help lead up to the Amazonian princess’s eventual debut.

Deadline has exclusively reported that The CW network is developing a Wonder Girl series from network head Greg Berlanti, wth Dailyn Rodriguez serving as the showrunner.

This will mark the first time any Latina character has headlined a DC show or movie in the comic book company’s media history, with the show centering on Yara Flor as the lead character

Rodriguez has spent the last two years showrunning USA’s Queen of the South, and she recently became a co-executive producer on the show as well. This will be her first venture into the superhero genre, although her recent success should lend itself quite well to bringing another quality show into the ever-popular Arrowverse.

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