Bo-Katan Actress Katee Sackhoff Teases Her Character’s Future

It needs to be noted that having Katee Sackhoff playing Bo-Katan in The Mandalorian is a very cool opportunity. The character’s design was based on the voice actress’ appearance, making it a seamless transition into live-action. Having played the role for so many years, Sackhoff has a great handle on the nuances that come into play with her character.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, actress Katee Sackhoff has teased that Bo-Katan Kryze is very important to the trajectory of The Mandalorian:

She’s so important to the story in The Mandalorian and where it’s going.

The actress also mentioned that ulterior motives could be at play for the character:

I think there is a little piece of Bo-Katan that I don’t think you see coming. She’s got something else going on in her mind.

Sackhoff noted that Bo-Katan has grown as a leader, but she has her shortcomings:

Everything she does is purposeful and I think that is new for her. She’s grown into the role of a leader and I think she finally believes that she is that leader. But there is an ego that comes with her, that may or may not work against her.

And Bo-Katan is an incredibly complicated character. It doesn’t seem quite right to call her a hero, because the good things she’s done have generally been either self-serving or in the interest of just Mandalore. When we first met her, Bo-Katan had no qualms with burning an innocent village to a crisp, and following the demise of Death Watch, thanks to Maul, her alliance with the Republic was merely a means to an end.

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