Jeremy Renner Starts Training For Disney+ ‘Hawkeye’ Show .

There is still no official start-of-production date for the new Hawkeye series, although it does appear more imminent than ever with Renner’s new video. Ever the comedian, he is well aware of the physical work needed to prepare for his next venture with Marvel, especially after mentioning his three-year hiatus after last suiting up in Avengers: Endgame.

MCU mainstay Jeremy Renner recently released a video via his personal Twitter account indicating that he is prepping for training to star in the new Hawkeye series on Disney+. He shows off the training equipment he’s utilizing to get back into shape and adds the caption, “It’s time to train after a 3 year break… fluidity, speed, and PAIN is in my future. #officially broken.”

Renner has been in the MCU longer than any other starring actor in the new slate of Disney+ shows, but this also marks his very first starring solo project after supporting roles in five previous movies. Clint Barton’s story is set to be explored more deeply than ever as he potentially loses his hearing, trains a new Avenger in Kate Bishop, and takes on a new round of challenges after a decade in the game.

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