Stephen King’s The Stand Trailer Unleashes the Ultimate Fight Between Good and Evil

The Stand is based on Stephen King’s 1978 novel of the same name and will be comprised of a 10-episode miniseries courtesy of CBS All Access. The novel remains one of Stephen King’s greatest achievements, and this new take, with all the talent involved, has a good chance of being a very worthy adaptation. The series will be directed, written, and produced by The Fault in our Stars and The New Mutants director Josh Boone. The Stand is set to debut on CBS All Access towards the end of this year on December 17. This comes to us courtesy of CBS All Access.

The trailer is somewhat more action packed than what has been released already and gives us a more of an idea of the storyline as opposed to just teasing the ominous atmosphere that is sure to be draped over proceedings. The footage shows Sonic the Hedgehog’s James Marsden and the residents of the Boulder Free Zone gearing up to go against the Dark Man, the embodiment of pure evil who has appeared in several of King’s novels.

The Stand creator and director Josh Boone recently revealed that Stephen King’s involvement in the upcoming series has been quite substantial, and that the horror author already has written an episode of The Stand which is set after the book’s ending. The director further revealed, “…the last episode Stephen King wrote, so we had sort of an hour of original material by Stephen King that was a story set after The Stand. There was a story that he’d always wanted to tell.”

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