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First Look At Older Sharkboy & Lavagirl In We Can Be Heroes Images

Though the first film did not bring home any awards, it was undoubtedly a labor of love. Based on the imaginings of Rodriguez’s son, Racer Rodriguez, Sharkboy and Lavagirl bore the hallmarks of a child’s whimsy. Rodriguez appears in the film’s credits fourteen times, revisiting his days as a one-person crew, and other members of his family appear throughout the production.

Netflix posted new images from the film to Twitter, showing a grown-up Sharkboy and Lavagirl with a child of their own. The pair strongly resemble their original appearance in terms of costuming, with Sharkboy donning a Batman-esque helmet with a shark fin. Lavagirl’s lava parts look much more convincing – no doubt lava-rendering tech has improved in 15 years – and the background behind them seems just as kooky as the environments of their debut feature. Additional to the two-shot, there is an action shot of Lavagirl midflight and one of their daughter (Vivien Lyra Blair of BIRD BOX) commanding what appears to be a liquid metal shark. Check out the photos below:

There’s no one in Hollywood quite like Robert Rodriguez, and if we ever needed to escape into childlike imaginativeness as We Can Be Heroes no doubt will allow, it’s now. The film releases New Year’s Day on Netflix.

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