Ms. Marvel Disney+ Series Now Filming at Muslim Place of Worship

It isn’t unsurprising that Ms. Marvel will be representing Kamala Khan’s religion, much in the same manner that Netflix did with Matt Murdock’s Catholicism. The show will clearly show that Kamala is Muslim, which focuses on many of her conflicts, big and small, in the comics, whether it is being unable to eat a BLM sandwich at her local Circle Q or being a driving force in her heroic philosophy.

According to Atlanta Filming, Ms. Marvel has begun filming at the Islamic Institute of Atlanta as of Monday, which Atlanta Filming implies will be representing Kamala Khan’s Mosque in the show, commenting, “Here is where Ms. Marvel was Monday. The Mosque of Atlanta

In fact, one of the best moments in the comics is when Kamala Khan runs to her Sheikh in a panic because of her having kissed one boy while liking another. So, it will be great to see her local Mosque as a recurring location in the show, especially when it could be hugely beneficial for Muslim audiences to see their religion represented in such a huge franchise.

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