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Zack Snyder Poses With Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Rest of Costumed Cast

Fabian Wagner has spent most of the last few weeks teasing over a dozen new images from the set of Justice League, but this one comes as the first that includes all six of the movie’s biggest heroes together as a unit. The setting likely indicates that this shot is from their final team-up moment from the original movie after defeating Steppenwolf, and it will be exciting to see just exactly what comes along with this moment in the Snyder Cut.

Justice League and Snyder Cut cinematographer Fabian Wagner recently took to Instagram to share a candid group shot of all six actors in the movie’s core cast surrounding director Zack Snyder. Everybody is in full costume except for Ray Fisher in his CGI suit, and all of them look as happy as ever in front of the green screen set.
A different shot of this same pose was previously previewed in Zack Snyder’s Justice League panel at DC FanDome in August.

Now that the Snyder Cut is officially four hours long, it should give much more opportunity for the entire team to fight alongside each other with double the screen time of the original movie. Depending on how long it takes for Superman’s revival, there should be more than enough time for every major player to get their shine, and DC fans are as hyped as ever to see Snyder’s full vision for how they come together as one.

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