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Rambo Can Only Continue As A Streaming Prequel Says Stallone

Whether the project would warrant a series treatment or a one-off movie is another question as well, but Stallone’s idea of showing Rambo’s evolution from an innocent young man to a trained killer sounds like something that could support multiple episodes of a show (even if it’s a foregone conclusion how things would turn out). It sounds like Stallone is at least trying to lay the groundwork for something to happen, as he tries to keep his most iconic action character alive one way or another.

Responding to a fan question on Instagram about a possible Rambo return (via MovieWeb), the actor said “Only as a streaming prequel or not at all.”

Indeed this isn’t the first time Stallone has floated the possibility of Rambo getting the prequel treatment. Previously, he talked about wanting to explore Rambo’s formative years as a soldier in Vietnam in order to show how the character was transformed from an All-American young man into the unrelenting killing machine he later became. “He was like Jim Thorpe, and the war is what changed him,” Stallone explained when discussing his prequel idea.

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