HBO Max Releases Cryptic Starfire Teaser For ‘Titans’ Season 3

Anna Diop’s casting as Starfire was already met with some controversy, but it was moreso her lack of any real kind of costume, instead sporting a fur coat. Diop’s wardrobe and look improved slightly in the second season, but still lacking any superhero costume. So, it’s good to see them finally giving her one in the third season of the show, especially when she was seemingly denied one for so long.

The official Titans Twitter account has teased a costume reveal for Anna Diop’s newest Starfire costume on November 23

Anna Diop’s Starfire will get a lot more focus this season, due to the primary villain being her vindictive and evil sister, Blackfire. So, it will be interesting to see if Kory getting her costume will be treated as a moment, whether it’s made by one of her teammates, or treated as traditional Tamaranean attire.

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