Jensen Ackles Is Bringing Part of Dean’s Supernatural Costume to The Boys

The Boys season 2 ended with what felt like a victory for the titular vigilantes, but it’s all but guaranteed that the sense of peace they got won’t last for long. Homelander is poised to be more vicious than ever following his humiliating defeat, and there’s another supe out there who has been exploding unsuspecting heads. How Soldier Boy will factor into all this remains to be seen, but many are looking forward to seeing it unravel.

While talking to EW, Ackles revealed that though he thought he’d put away Dean’s trademark boots at the end of Supernatural, they actually followed him to his new TV role. “I somehow managed to end with the same kind of boots for Soldier Boy that I wore as Dean Winchester. Different color but same boot,” Ackles shared. Even more special is the fact that Ackles chose them himself, as he had a variety of shoes to pick from.

Even before The Boys season 2 arrived in September, news broke that Ackles will star in season 3. He will play Soldier Boy, the original patriotic superhero. Fans of the comics The Boys is based on will know Soldier Boy as a naïve and foolish hero, but the Amazon show looks to offer a different take on him.

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